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Thread: Anavar and Proviron cycle only

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    Anavar and Proviron cycle only

    Hey Dylan, before I ask my question just want to say I appreciate the wisdom and information you put in your videos they're actually entertaining and a great reference. Anyway If I take Anavar 40mg each day, Proviron 15mg, GW-50156 15mg cycle can It be possible to see results or will it be a waste of time and money without taking a form of testosterone. Also I'm taking clomid 25mg each and arimidex .5mg every three days for my low testosterone. I believe I can get prescribed "bioidentical testosterone" if I ask for it. The medical professional recommend me to try Clomid first since I am still youngish(27) and would like to have kids someday. I hope this question does not offend you in anyway. If it did I didn't mean to offend you. Thanks for your time.

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    Don’t do any steroids without at least 125mg of testosterone a week. Also, if this is your first cycle, you should only be using testosterone by itself.

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    Oral only cycles suck man. I wouldn’t do anything without test as diesel said.

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    you didnt offend me bro... no, i would absolutely not run an oral only cycle... its definitely not something im going to advise you to do... you don t need a high dose of test but you do need it in there... maybe you should start with sarms instead of steroids bro

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    To scared to pin then your not ready for steroids plain and simple

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    You should run test only your first cycle, and when you run orals you need an test base, because they shut your natural test down.

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