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Thread: studying SARMS

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    studying SARMS

    Hey Dylan, I have been studying SARMS for awhile, pulled the trigger and got some Peptide Warehouse stuff (I couldn’t remember where I found you so probably should have gotten isarms…)


    I am a COMPLETE new and have no idea what this stuff should look like, it’s clear liquid, there are no particles visible. There is no dosage instructions, no measurements on the droppers so I’m mystified as to how to dose, but am going to get a mililiter measure today from a drug store. I guess my concern is, should it have particles? I got the impression that PW was a trustworthy company, but after ordering read about how some ladies may have gotten actual steroids, not SARMS.

    I’m 54, recently lost 35 lbs, improved performance in the gym, have joint issues and am hoping Ostarine helps with that. I want to cut more weight, about 20 more lbs, and gain fairly notable muscle.

    Any guidance you can offer (next time I’ll buy isarms!) would be appreciated.

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    you need to get rid of that shit immediately man... they were kicked off the forum a few years ago for selling bull shit products and trying to force reps to post fake reviews... they have so many complaints its insane... they are not allowed in many places... you need to get rid of it immediately

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    I wouldn't use that stuff, especially being female. It's not legit sarms, and could be dangerous for you. If you want help with a legit sarms source, send me a pm and I'll get you pointed in the right direction

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    they are A MILLION MILES from reputable, i assure you that...

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    Well, shoot

    I was really hopeful. Ok, I hear you guys and will heed the warning. And yes, please point me in the direction of what you'd consider viable options for this. I'd really like to get on it over Christmas break from school. Thanks so much for the input. I truly appreciate it.

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    sarmsx will be reopening very very soon and they have the highest quality you can find

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