So I?ll get right to it.. I?ve taken gear Before for quite a while but never anadrol. It?s actually been a couple years I?ve been off due to college in addition to working 60+ hrs/week. The cocktail that I have is masteron prop.. 100mg, Deca nandrolone decanoate 300 mg and anadrol 50..100 tabs.

On any day Ideally it?s better to stack anadrol but with its Potency I am Trying to figure out on whether or not to take a half a cc of each of those or 3/4 each and make it a cc and a half on top of the anadrol.. The plan is to start out at 25 mg for a couple days up it to 50 for a couple days to a week then up at the 75 and if everything is going well up to 100 without pushing anything longer than a four week cycle?

I did have a couple Questions.. First one being what would you recommend as far as the injectables with the milligrams I told you I?d be taking with anadrol?
Next is I know Anadrol is a oxymetholone And I keep researching this and have yet to find out whether it comes out on a drug screen because I am a heavy equipment operator and we are randomly tested every day?
It is understood that this has huge water retention affects But at work in this weather we are in I sweat all day long for 12 to 14 hours straight and barely piss twice a day drinking tons of water it?s so fucking hot. It?s obvious that I might have some bloat from water retention but I doubt it...With that being said in all the research I?ve done and talk about anadrol retaining so much water and seeing how much I sweat a day...how do you think that will work in regards to muscle mass? Right now weight is around 205... pushing for at least 225

Any feed back is appreciated... thanks