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Thread: anabolicum LGD 4033

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    anabolicum LGD 4033

    Hello Dylan
    I'm interested in trying LGD and have a question about the suppression issue. I'm currently on a prescribed trt dose of 75mg I'm testosterone a week and have been for a while so I'm pretty much not making my own. So if my thinking is correct, do I even have to worry about the suppression issue? And when I come off of the LGD I shouldn't have any suppression or libido issues because I've taking the testosterone before, during, and after I stop the LGD? Correct? I'm assuming isarms would be the best place to buy is as well. Thanks in advance.

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    If you're on TRT, you don't need to worry about suppression since your natural test is fully shut down. is where I get my sarms, and I highly recommend them.

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    you dont have to worry about any pct or suppression if you are on trt...

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