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Thread: Am I running a proper PCT for this cycle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanGemelli View Post
    you ask me if i think the dosages i recommend are the best? is that a serious question? do you think i would sit here and waste my time recommending that way if they were not??? that doesnt make a lot of sense man...

    pure rawz is pure shit so im not exactly sure where your friends are recommending that to you but they are terrible and have a history of bad feedback
    Sorry Dylan, I meant to ask if those dosages reap the most benefit for those particular sarms in your opnion or if its still effective to run those sarms at lower dosages. Purerawz does have a history, but the batch they must have received was legit, the s4 had a noticeable vision side effect for example.

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    you can run it at lower doses if you want but it wont be as effective

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