Hey guys,

After a 12 week cycle of Primoteston Depot (Test Enanthate) I have started my PCT.

One week after my last injection I started a 'blast phase' of HCG - 500 IU's a day for the past 10 days (nearly two weeks). As soon as I finish the HCG (3 more shots) I am planning to start my 4 week PCT of Clomid, I will also be running Nolva but I am currently still waiting for it to arrive so if it gets here in time great, if not I will have to start it a little later. This shouldn't be a problem should it?

What I wanted to know was would I need some sort of a break between my last HCG shot and the Clomid and also at what doses should I run the Clomid in? My original plan was 50/50/25/25 but after some reading, many forums suggest 100mg a day for 10 days followed by 50mg a day for 10 days? I have done extensive research and the answers seem very misdirected.

Also is what I'm doing ok? I was initially worried about starting the Clomid late (nearly 4 weeks after last injection) is this getting 'too late' to be starting a PCT or will it be okay?

I though I was on the right track until I started reading into a few things that have put my mind completely off track, so any help and reassurance will be HIGHLY appreciated!

Thanks in advance!