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Thread: Alternative weight-loss drugs

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    Alternative weight-loss drugs

    Hey guys so I been reading some various bodybuilding articles, and they mention some interesting ways to lose weight, like for example the blood pressure drug captopril , is said to cause water loss. Some others are Naltrexone and bromocriptine.

    Have you heard of these "alternative ways" to lose weight (especially water weight)?

    Are there other ways you know of, which are good and work, tested by yourself?

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    Is that your goal? To only lose water weight? Dandelion root is a good one. And is the bromo you’re speaking of coming from pineapple? If so, the amount needed is absurd.
    But do you have an issue with holding extra water? Like a medical condition? If not, then losing water weight temporarily isn’t going to help you much unless you’re days out from a show.

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    Are you having problem with water retention or are you looking for fat loss? There is a very big distinct difference there. If you are retaining water, let us know what you are using, running etc. also tell us your stats, goals, experience, etc...

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    yes please be more specific with what you are aiming for... i also agree that dandelion root is great for helping with water weight but it depends on what your looking for...

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    I guess its a combination of both... both water and fat... But I do have some water retention for sure.. I don't really use anything except I occasionally use low dose of testosterone (like a gel).

    My estrogen is good (Estradiol is 21 on last blood test)

    Can high prolactin be responsible for water retention and extra fat?

    Have you guys heard of Captopril for weight loss?

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    You don't want to get into messing with things like this without the proper guidance.

    Inevitably if you guess you're going to do more harm than good.

    You can't go wrong with good old-fashioned diet and Cardio.

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    as far as i know, captopril is used for high blood pressure. you should not be depending on drugs to lose weight dude... i know noone wants to do the right way with cardio and diet but if you care about your health, then thats what you need to be doing, if not, use every drug under the sun

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    I'm guessing your primary concern really should be fat loss from what it sounds like to me. A lot of people that think they are carrying too much water weight, are in reality just carrying too much bodyfat. Concentrate on diet and cardio, and if you want something to help expedite the process, things like GW are what you want to help accelerate it....not these prescription drugs you mentioned. Stay away from that stuff

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