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    Alternative Solution Question

    Mr. Gemelli,

    I really apprechiate you education people on the truth and your passion and car for people. I've watched you on your older youtube channel and sought to email you earlier. I was wondering for research purposes the combination of sarms and 1st time testosterone. However, the PCT in sarm form was not strong enough and resulted in a minor but obvious sign of gyno. I was looking into researching with Tren because of its anti androgenic properties that is mixed with test. Listening to you I hear that tren shouldn't be ran for research purposes that early when the goal of the experiment is to build lean mass while eliminating_burning or lowering fat as well. Is there an alternative?

    Thank you for your time and I appreciate your help in advance!

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    thats impossible for me to answer when you literally give me nothing to work with... i dont know your cycle history, your goals? your workout history? stats??? age/height/weight/body fat... you cannot expect any sort of valid answer when you give me nothing to work withÖ

    please stop typing in code and saying research purposes etc... its completely unnecessary and not helpful when answering questions...

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    Tren isnít anti-androgenic at all. Itís super androgenic. It doesnít convert to estrogen but it definitely binds to the progesterone receptor and raises prolactin. If you are prone to gyno, Tren+Test is a really dumb idea.

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