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Thread: AI and Ostarine

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    AI and Ostarine

    Hi guys I?ve just received my Ostarine (from sarms4sale) and my Aromasin.
    I?m planing on doing a full 12 week cycle of Ostarine 25mg a day.
    My question is for you guys if taking Aromasin during the cycle would be necessarily to avoid or control my estrogen levels since I?m prone to gyno from long time ago. I?ve developed a mild gyno case from a very bad experience with an m drol cycle in 2012.
    For a very weird reason my left nipple has been hurting for the last few days feels like the same paint as when I was just developing the gyno years ago( btw I?ve not been on any cycles for years)
    Current stats
    28 years
    170lbs 12-14 % body fat.
    Please guide to what to do. I do not want to end doing something wrong.
    Also sorry for bad grammar.

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    Since you ordered from I know your Ostarine is legit. You are not going to need an AI with legit aromasin. If you think you still have gyno, then get that taken care of first. You could get some blood work first to and check for elevated estrogen.
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    I?m in the same boat at you man.

    -I?m taking mk677 though.

    -I hate that the dbol messed you up

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    No need for an AI

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    it does not convert to estrogen... you do not need an AI with it

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    you don?t need an AI for ostarine

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    Ok thank you guys! But I do want to do a mini PCT
    Nolva 20/20/20/20?
    And also if would I need the AI for my pct just to have my estrogen under the control and potentially try to take care of my pre existing gyno.
    Again appreciate all of the help!
    I want to log my Ostarine cycle on here.

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    I regret it a lot! Some of us learn things the hard way... how many weeks you in on mk677?

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    AI and Ostarine

    Quote Originally Posted by sam517818 View Post
    I regret it a lot! Some of us learn things the hard way... how many weeks you in on mk677?
    4 weeks. Loving it. Put some pounds on and my lifts have increased in the gym.

    Keep me updated on how you like the Ostarine! That?s the next product I?m going to try. Probably going to order some in the next week.
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  10. #10 ostarine is legit. Been on it four weeks and I love it

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