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Thread: AI Dosage & introduction

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    AI Dosage & introduction

    Hi Dylan,

    Firstly thanks for all your videos on YouTube Iíve followed them & learnt a lot over last few weeks.
    Currently doing a test e @ 500ml pw, this is my 1st cycle in couple years but I have done the same cycle before with good results.

    If you donít mind Iíd like to ask you a question about arimidex?
    Iím estrogen prone & since being a teenager Iíve always had very slight Gyno, not really noticeable but small lump behind nipple thatís never gone! Doctor said itís nothing to worry about as this can happen.
    On my previous cycle I never had any trouble but I did run arimidex from start, stupidly this cycle Iíve not started the arimidex from start based on advice from other guys in the gym(why I didnít just to the same as previous Iím not sure!!) anyway week 2 Iíve had sensitive nipple & possibly my lump has grown slightly but still not really noticeable in mirror I can just feel it more! My question would be can I start the arimidex now that Iím in the cycle & will it work to reverse this? Iím not wanting to carry on & get to a stage that it may be noticeable!

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    you need aromasin, not arimidex... very bad judgment to listen to any idiots at the gym advising on this... every person and situation is different and someone that already had some pre existing gyno is clearly gyno prone...

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    Dude this why u start your AI from the beginning. When will people learn to not listen to the meat head at the gym that know literally nothing about running gear just that they do things stupidly and nothing happens to them so they tell people to do the same and then this happens. Get some aromosin ASAP but if you have arimidex start that now idk why your even posting honstly

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