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    Hey everyone, I know everyone's body is different, but im looking for an average i guess. I am starting my 4th week of Test e, 300mg/week, split into 2 doses, Monday morning, Thursday afternoon. This is my first steroid cycle, but have run 5 sarm cycles. Currently, im 45, 5ft8, 169lbs, approx 12% bf.Ive been doing a tremendous amount of reading, and most of what Ive read is, you do not want to crash your estrogen, because of all the positive it does for you, including brain health. On average, how soon does someone start seeing signs of gyno? is 3 or 4 weeks something that someone could possibly start seeing gyno? I feel that most of this is in my head, but my nipples do feel a little sensitive, but not really puffy, and looking for suggestions on lowering estrogen naturally, or should I start dosing my arimdex? I live in Canada, do not currently have a doctor as mine retired last yr, and in the province I live in, there isnt any online blood work to be had. Just looking for a little guidance. Thanks

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    go get bloodwork... you should start dosing your ai from the start but you need bloodwork to dial in dosing

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    Gyno varies from person to person. I am very gyno sensitive. I have gotten gyno in as little as a a week from my first injection. Even at a low dose split between three injections a week I still can get a flare up. My cycle are very what some would consider low and I can still have issues with estrogen coversion and yet I know guys who can run double or triple what I run and have never used an AI. I use aromosin since I few it works better for me then armidex. Your nipples will start to get sensitive/itchy and then slight swelling or puffy look and then the hard lump will form which is often painful. For me I know I need to up my AI dose when when I start to be aware of my nipples if that makes sense. Blood work is really the only way to tell for sure how much AI you actually need but a little trial an error is what a lot of guys do. Crashing your estrogen is def a bad thing and you want to avoid but that usually happens when guys don?t start our small on the dose and work there way up. If your nipples are sensitive and you notice a puffy look that wasn?t there before you can always just start out low dose with you armored and work your way up.

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    It definitely depends on the person. At 300mg per week I would use no AI, but thats not going to be the answer for everyone. You need bloodwork to know for sure where to be

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    At 300mg per week you will not need much if any AI. I would wait until you feel they are much more sensitive or sore. At that point, a low dose of arimidex or aromasin would get it taken care of. What province are you in? I am in Canada as well and have written this on getting private blood work:
    ***Canadians, hit me up on Wickr Mobile (MasonicBB) for my steroid source***

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    Blood work will determine your AI dosage. You can't go but what someone else says or uses. This is why first cycles with Test only with an AI are important so you can dial it in according to your own needs.

    If you can't get blood work you really shouldn't be doing a cycle.

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    its all trial and error and you have to learn your body response.. it also depends on the quality of everything you have from the compounds to the ancillaries

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    Yes I agree also I would wait to use your armidex until you are certain it?s gyno. I know a lot guys panic when it comes to gyno which is why estrogen crashes happen. Gyno is usually reversible most of the time so don?t panic man. 1/4 to a 1/2 of armidex won?t crash you.

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    I'm in New Brunswick, Saint John, but just reached out to a clinic in Moncton and waiting to hear back.

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    Thanks everyone, yes RU, im sure iys all in my head, but appreciate all the comments.

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