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Thread: Advise on 1 andro + SR9009 + GHRP2

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    Lightbulb Advise on 1 andro + SR9009 + GHRP2

    Hi guys,

    I am writing this post to seek advise for my bestie who is trying to cut down from 25% bf and has been training for more than 5 years now. The main aim of this cycle (1 andro for 4 weeks, sr9009 for 8 weeks, GHRP2 for 8 weeks, followed by PCT) is to boost lean muscle mass and cut down fat levels at the same time to reach a goal of 15%.

    I am interested to know that if these are right compounds to stack together and if fat loss can be expected given the exercise regime and nutrition plan are followed diligently. Also, would there be necessity to run aromatase inhibitor like arimidex on this cycle?

    Please advise.

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    your bestie, has no clue what they are doing and thats horrible... first of all, you dont run prohormones without test... secondly, prohormones ARE NOT used for weight loss... third, what exactly do you expect ghrp2 to do here? this is a complete mess and if you paid me a million dollars, i would not advise this

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    Hey Dylan,

    Thanks for your response mate. My friend has got this new trainer who sells his privately labelled products. I think it's just money making tactics and nothing else. I would suggest my friend to create an account here. Thanks again.

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    for fucks sake bro... get him away from that... thats the worst advice and CLEARLY someone trying to get in his pocket... sarms, yes, completely safe right now for him but fucking andro? unbelievable? and ghrp has no place in this...

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    I am gonna show him your response man. Thanks for saving this dumbass. Cheers.

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    your very welcome bro

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