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Thread: Advice please.

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    Advice please.

    New to all this, only just started researching. I donít want to do more than one cycle, just want to do one 8-12 week cycle of Sarms to build up some mass. With the appropriate training and diet after this cycle would it be realistic to be able to keep most of the mass put on in this cycle? As I said I donít want to do more than one cycle just need a help putting on some mass. Any advice appreciated.

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    If you only want to do one cycle my recommendation is to just stay natty.

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    Why is that?

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    Youll never run just one cycle

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    Once you do one cycle and see results, you won't stop at one.

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    Any info on whether Iíd be able to keep gains from doing once cycle?

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    You will go back to your natural genetic potential after you come off the drugs.

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    So say if I used the sarms to speed up adding a bit of
    Mass, but not up to my genetic potential I should be able to keep this mass?

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    It's very simple bro if you train for years natural and reach your natural genetic potential and you want to use SARMS or steroids to break that plateau you can and will. But once you come off the drugs you will eventually just go back to the way you were before you started the drugs. They aren't magic.

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    noone here is a psychic... no human knows what you will or will not keep..

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