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Thread: Adding lgd to 250mg test

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    Adding lgd to 250mg test

    Hey u guys I?m currently healing up from a shoulder slash lat injury and I saw some of you guys recommending lgd-4033 for that and I realized I have a bottle on hand so I?m gonna throw it in at 10mgs a day. I can still squat and bench heavy so hopefully I?ll get some nice strength gains and heal my muscle strain faster

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    That can help if you have good stuff, but honestly for healing mk2866 is your best bet or mk677

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    RickRock has you covered

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    it helps with healing but its nothing like mk2866 and mk677, which are far more ideal for healing... i would definitely add them if you need healing.... you can get everything you need at

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    Where is your bottle of LGD from? If its legit it will help but not so much with recovery as others have stated. You could stack it though with some mk2866 which would be nice!

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    Save the LGD for another run in the future. Grab some ostarine and mk677. Fantastic healing stack.

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