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Thread: Add Ostarine?

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    Add Ostarine?

    Hi Dylan,

    I'm about to start my 4th cycle of MK677 and RAD140 and I have had great results so far. I'm now going to add Ostarine to the cycle.

    1/ Do you think this is a good idea
    2/ What difference in results would you expect to have if adding in the Ostarine.

    THanks as always.


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    you need to run it from the beginning.. you dont just throw it in to the cycle

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    I think i was unclear, I will be running it from the beginning of the cycle but was asking if you think it is a good stack basically or if you think I'm missing somehting.


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    yes, thats fine to add it to the stack

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    What's your goals? I'm assuming mass. You can add it for that. Lgd is another solid option

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    Yes running for mass gain. Just wanted to know if it is worth adding or to stick with what has worked so far which is just RAD and MK. Will I get better results adding in the Ostarine? In your experience?


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    you will get better results adding ostarine to the cycle, absolutely.. thats a no brainer man

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    One awesome quality of ostarine is the healing and repair capability. There are people I know who use ostarine to alleviate and fix minor joint pains. I have also experienced this myself.

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    Ok, thanks. Last question, Is it OK run a stack like this for 14 weeks instead of 12?

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    you can do whatever you want but 12 weeks is where you should keep it... more is not always better and running things too long can be detrimental...

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