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Thread: Which type of Test to run with Winstrol

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    Which type of Test to run with Winstrol

    which Testosterone would you take if you wanted just to keep your sex drive level high. I take winstrol but I think I need Test too. I do not want to look BIG. I am in a very good shape but want to look ascetic. How much would you inject weekly for that purpose? Thanks a lot.. Your advise is greatly appreciated. BTW... never too juice before and want to do Test+Winstrol cycle only. I see different types of Test and not sure which one to use and how much for my goal...???

    T-Mix 325 (Test blend) 325mg X 10ml
    Test-Pro 100 (Test Prop) 100mg X 10ml
    TE-300 (Test E) 300mg X 10ml
    TC-200 (Test C) 200mg X 10ml


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    You've been taking Winstrol without test? That means you've juiced before. Winny is aas.
    What's your stats here? Age, height, weight, bf%. I'd normal give advice easily but you sound like you're lacking the basic knowledge.

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