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Thread: Caber/Dostinex in PCt

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    Caber/Dostinex in PCt

    Currently in PCT and I was curious about running caber just for the libido boostin effects I had originally gotten it for the purpose of my last cycle of tren but never used it would I b able to use it and get the added push in my libido?

    I noticed my libido is way way! down from what it was on cycle which is to be expected still able to perform but wanted somthing to bring it back. What's would the dose be?

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    Doses are usually between 0.5-1mg... dont know about using it for ONLY libido purposes! Hanging around for awnsers aswell

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    I wouldn't recommend doing that if you are no longer on anything that will cause,prolactin to rise. You'll end up completely tanking your prolactin levels and having none is not a good thing

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    you should NOT use caber whatsoever unless its needed with tren or deca... otherwise, do not use it...

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    Ok will not use thanx for the advice was unsure and now I know

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