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Thread: Abdominal pain and bloodwork

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    Abdominal pain and bloodwork

    I started a cycle of mk2866, mk677 and LGD4033 on the 15th September
    Week 1- mk677 20mg / mk2866 10mg / LGD4033 5mg
    Week 2,3,4 - mk677 20mg / mk2866 20mg / lgd4033 10mg.

    On Thursday last week I started to feel like I had pulled my lower back, and at the same time started getting a dull ache in my balls. I took my last dosage that night.
    The pain has persisted until today (Tuesday morning) where the ball pain has mostly gone.

    The back pain seemed to be coming from the left kidney area, and was constant.

    I went and got some blood tests done. The liver results coming back are worrying me, and I cannot find much information via googling on what I should do about these results.
    Pre cycle testosterone was close to 900, so seeing a lot of suppression.
    Please see attached blood results, and circled are the results that suggest my liver is in trouble.

    Any advice?
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    Is there any message showing in this thread?

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    You cannot edit a thread that a moderator previously approved. Now you have to wait for an administrator to fix it which I am not.

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    you need a magnifying glass to see that bloodwork...

    where did you get your sarms?

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    IASuperPharma Manila. Enhanced arsenal brand.

    Relevant info.

    JULY BLOODWORK (not on cycle)
    Testosterone: 8.237ng/mL
    Free testosterone: 11.6 ng/dL
    SHBG:63.5 nook/L
    Liver function tests all showing normal levels.
    AST(sgot) 18 U/L (range 4-34)
    ALT (sgpt) 23 U/L. (Range 0-55)

    YESTERDAY test
    Test: 0.359 ng/mL
    Free T: 0.86 bg/dL
    SHBG : 16.1 nmol/L
    Liver function tests all around normal and the same as before EXCEPT
    AST(SGOT): 1074 U/L. (Range 5-34)
    ALT (SGPT): 3538 U/L (range 0-55

    So test seems completely shut down, SHBG is down drastically, AST and ALT are through the roof.

    Also noted was a positive for urobilinogen on urine sample.

    Any suggestions? I was feeling the side effects of the sarms, people I have spoken to suggest hepatitis A (I’m in Thailand)

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    Is this level of shutdown common for LGD+ostarine?

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    fuck no... thats your brand... its not real sarms you are using and you are clearly using a prohormone or steroid...

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    What do you think about the liver values ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jm5422 View Post
    What do you think about the liver values ?
    is there some sort of typo on those values?

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    I don’t think so. The results say the tests were repeated due to being so high, and I’m getting pain in liver/lat area.
    Definitely not a typo it’s straight from the lab PDF

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