Hi Dylan,
Thanks very much for all the information and videos you post. The constant influx of information is awesome!

I am very interested in either the 8 Week Cut Stack (S4 and GW) or the 8 Week Triple Stack (S4, GW & MK2866). I have reviewed all the documentation and have watched all of the videos but could you please help us out with the following questions:

- Can either of the above two combinations be run during a bridge? If so is their a recommended break after completing PCT before you would commence something like this especially given that I will include both GW & MK2866 in PCT?
- Is their a recommended PCT after a 8 week cycle like this?

FYI - I am 34, have completed one only ever cycle of test 250ml/week for 10 weeks and currently weigh [email protected]% am am looking to reduce body fat.

Thanks very much for your help. Keep up the great work!