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    Off topic: BPC157

    Hey Bros,

    Does anyone have experience using BPC157 peptide? I've got some arthritis in my wrist and heard it works wonders. Lastly, what is a solid source/trusted website?

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    It’s a healing agent, primarily useful for injuries. The effects will likely be temporary for your arthritis, and you have to cycle off every 1-2 months because you develop a tolerance to it. Just use ostarine and mk677, you don’t need to inject those.

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    i have not used it personally but i know many that have... mk2866 is a much better option in terms of healing... bpc does work but mk is going to be a better option.. stacking them would be more ideal for you

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    I’ve used it several times, just recently for a torn tendon. I stacked it with MK677 and made great improvements

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