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    cycle help

    Hey Dylan, hope all is well!

    Quick question for you! I’ve taken a few cycles of sarms and love them, Just looking to amp it up a notch. Considering taking test cyp 250mg. (250-300mg every 5 days) Only worry is blood thickening? How serious is it, and is there anything I can take to prevent it while on test? I’m a healthy 25 year old male sitting around 11-12ish% body fat. Any help would be appreciated, THANKS!

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    personally at 25 I think your still too young for AAS but others might disagree . I'm more comfortable at near 30 . I would just stick with sarms and maybe concentrate on diet/training more . Cant help you on the blood thickening but plenty of guys here have various AAS cycles under there belt and are way more knowledgeable then me with steroids .

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    im sorry but i dont advise steroid use at your age... so i cant help on this... 25 is too young and you are making a very large mistake bro... im not your dad and cant tell you what to do but i also wont contribute to it... i can help you with sarms cycles if you like but not steroids

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