Hi Everyone.

This site has been super helpful in learning about SARMS. I'm so glad I found this forum before making any purchases. I was about to pull the trigger on some things from EA...and I would have regretted it based upon the experts I'm reading here at iSARMS. Thanks again for saving me!!

Anyway, here are my questions:

1. I've never performed any type of cycle. Now that I'm in my mid-forties and probably have low T (will know today or tomorrow), I'm ready to make some changes. I train regularly, so I'm in shape - but lower strength than in the past. I've read about all of the various SARMS - but confused as to which one to take for my first cycle, and whether or not I should stack my first cycle. I'm open to either - as I'm in this for the long-haul. What would be the recommended first cycle? I'm leaning towards S4+LGD+? for 12 weeks, followed by mini PCT.
2. I feel that a "recomp" is my target - as I want to add 8-10lbs of lean muscle, while also leaning up. My gut around the belly button is worse spot - but I can see my abs at the top..but since I carry 15% BF, I could benefit from some fat metabolism. Does a "recomp" sound like the right approach? Or should I do a bulk, followed by a cut cycle?
3. I'm eating very clean - but probably need more calories to make the gains - but haven't increased because I tend to just gain fat. With the right cycle, I would up by 500 calories/day. Does this sound right?
4. Is it okay to continue the Intermittent fasting (16x8 protocol) and push all my calories in between 12pm - 8pm? Or will this impact my results?
5. For the SARMS cycles, may of the recommended doses start in the morning - if I'm stacking, is it okay to take one after the other - or wait in between? Any issues with this?
6. Based on everything I have told you, is there anything I haven't asked that I should be asking?

Thanks again! This site is invaluable!!

About Me:
Age - 44 (almost 45)
Sex - Male
Height - 5'11"
Weight - 175lbs
Body fat % - 14-15% (wish to be about 10-12%)
Years of training - ~30 years (consistently for last 5 years except for last year due to some nagging injuries- see below). Ready to make gains gain!
Complete cycle history - No past cycles
PCT for each cycle - N/A
Goals - Would like to get to 180-185lbs at 10-12% BF and maintain. Not looking for super bulk, but want clean lean gains in size and leanness, plus strength.
Supplements - Omega 3's, multivitamins, Vitamin D3, Combat Protein post-workout.
General idea of nutrition - I eat super clean (recently stopped alcohol completely - which used to be just on weekends anyway); I do 16x8 intermittent fasting; Mostly protein, Low Carb, higher fats)
Any other relevant info - In my mid-twenties did heavy lifting and reached 205lbs and 18-20% BF naturally; Used to bench 315lbs and squat 405). In mid-thirties, started BJJ and Crossfit, and leaned up to 175lb at 15% BF; Over last year+, been training off/on with less CF and BJJ due to constant nagging injuries - thinking it's low T (getting results in the next day or two). Now I can bench 205lb max and squat 260lbs, and DL 240lbs - which is alot of strength loss in last few years due to type of training.