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Thread: 30ml/20mg and is a 30ml bottle how much ml to get to 20mg?

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    30ml/20mg and is a 30ml bottle how much ml to get to 20mg?

    I know it?s a stupid question but I switched from proven peptides to narrow labz and the bottle says 30ml/20mg and proven peptides I know every 1.0ml is 10mg. So would that mean 3.0ml is 20mg?
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    narrow labs and proven peptides are both HORRIBLE, ESPECIALLY proven peptides... both have horrible feedback for quite some time and put out bull shit reviews to trick customers... i wouldnt touch any of that shit and you should just email them with your questions

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    Never used narrow labs but proven peptides is a horrible company. I used there cardarine and sr9009 for a week and had liver toxicity and borderline kidney failure. I'd send everything back and get products. When esarms was the sponsor i got nothing but legit cardarine. I'd trust this forum 100% when they say a source is bogus or legit. Get a refund from narrow and switch to

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    Where would you suggest getting sarms from them?

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    No your bottle likely says 30ml and 20mg/ml meaning 1ml = 20mg

    +1 proven is horrid haven?t heard. Lot of good feedback on narrow labs either.

    Sarmsforsale is a sponsor here I?d use them plus they are doing 25% off today I believe!

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    I recommend

    Contact me on Wickr Me mobile messaging app (cbbram) for 1 on 1 consultations for PED sources, questions, and cycle advice.

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