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Thread: LiquiLetro??

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    Hey there...New here, got this page from Dylan's YT Channel.

    I am on my second Test only cycle. First cycle, I've never had to use my AI(but I had it just in case) ...Well, this time around, I guess I have better gear(different supplier) because I'm on week 3 and I'm getting the nipple irritation and puffiness. I've been taking my AI(from last cycle) but isn't working. I put in an order, but it's coming from China and im in the states. I'm starting to get worried about possible Gyno. At this point, I want an Estrogen killer. Atleast until I get it under control.

    I have 2 questions.

    Is LiquiLetro strong enough? Could it take the place of the Letro I'm getting from China?

    How is the shipping here? Are there Express options?

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    Letro is going to be for an emergency reversal of gyno symptoms, not a permanent solution to your AI needs. It's use should be sparingly and with care. Do not plan on using letro your entire cycle unless you are experienced and using more than one or two aromatizing compounds at once.

    There is no way to be sure of your condition without proper lab work. But, it would help to know your stats, cycle history and test dosage.... Obviously I am a bit concerned with why you've been cycling withOUT an AI on hand. There are domestic sources of aromasin here which is highly preferable to Letro... You can have some in hand by friday or saturday I imagine. Dig a little in the source section and good luck.

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    Also, if you prefer, SarmsX has some really really potent and quality LiquidAro.

    Go that route...

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    Scale says 13BF

    First cycle was Test E, 500 a week

    My second cycle is Test E only again, 600 a week

    I do have an AI, but it doesn't seem to be working. It's from my first cycle, but I never had to use it, so I never verified if it was good or not. I've been on 1mg/day Arimdex for about 5 days now. Nips are still irritated and not really getting better. I have a better supplier sending out Arimdex, but that will be over a week. I also ordered Letro, just to get the nips under control, then I'll get use the Arimdex...

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    Why are you deadset on using arimidex?

    Aromasin is the much better alternative to Letro/Arim.... I'd sugget getting aromasin and some bloods w/ an estradiol measurement and we can figure out dosing from there.

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    Bro, get you some liquid aromasin from as soon as possible. Then run it at 15mg per day for a week, then go to 15mg EOD

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    bro, the aromasin at sarmsx is ridiculously strong... wesley sniper JUST had extremely high estrogen levels and his estrogen is down to 27 in just weeks... there are so many people that have had sarmsx aromasin do wonders for them...

    here is the link...

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    I second the strength of the aromasin. It's extremely strong

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    let me know if you have any further questions bro

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    aromasin is like arimidexs big brother on steroids, it has several additional benefits besides just basic estrogen control. And with the liquid form from sarmsx it can be dosed much more precisely than in pill form. cant go wrong

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