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Thread: 3 weeks on SARMS - Testosterone from 555 to 44!

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    3 weeks on SARMS - Testosterone from 555 to 44!

    Hey guys.

    Been running SARMS for 3 weeks today (LGD, RAD, S4, GW, and MK2866). Received my testosterone level test on 5/1 and it's at 55 (extremely low).

    3/31 - Test @ 555.8
    4/6 - Doctor gave me testosterone shot of 200mg (like a dumbass) because I told him I felt sluggish and such so we "thought we would give it a try"
    4/11 - Test @ >1500 (I didn't do the LC/MS so I don't know the real number but it was OFF THE CHARTS high)
    4/12 - Started my SARMS Stack (I have been
    5/1 - Test @ 44 - what the fuck (see below image)

    Now my doctor wants me to go see my urologist. I don't know what the fuck to do. I don't think I need TRT, but this may be the course of action.

    1) SARMS should NOT be suppressive - right???
    2) The jump to >1500 makes total sense given that I was at 555 and then received the injection of 200mg
    3) But the drop to 44 makes no sense. It's either a recovery from the big spike, or the SARMS. That could be the ONLY 2 causes.

    I'm eating 100% clean - no alcohol, minor puff of marijuana on the weekends. 2200-2300 clean calories with a 45p/35c/20f macro target. My Sarms stack as stated above. Super consistent with that. My workouts have been great, and increasing in strength. Was going to post my updates to my log later today on iSarms.

    Ask any question you want.


    Thoughts? Please.
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