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Thread: 250 and time to trim 30 lbs need advice, PLEASE READ AND ADVISE

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    250 and time to trim 30 lbs need advice, PLEASE READ AND ADVISE

    ok so im 6'2 250 @ 55 yrs old. Still strong as hell but way out of it. prob did 20-25 cycles in my younger days. i'm like 28-30% right now want to get under 20% but fast!! heres a mild stack i'm thinking of please give me your imput.

    money is not a factor as much as results. still benching in 350s and feel ok, just not perfect..

    here my thoughts and i can add but already bought all of this one.

    test cypo 400 weekly 12 week
    200 x 2

    anavar 50mg daily 12 week
    25 x 2

    Proviron 100mg daily 12 week
    50 x 2

    HGH 6 IU daily 16 weeks

    IGF1 - LR3 50mcg daily first 8 weeks
    after workout

    Cardarine GW-501516 1ml daily 12 weeks

    Mast EN 400mg weekly. weeks 5-12
    200 x 2

    Albuterol 8mg daily
    4mg x 2

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    i think that even someone extremely high on drugs would not advise you to use steroids at that body fat... thats honestly INSANE.. cardarine, that would be fine, but steroids, no way and masteron at 30% body fat? bro, im not trying to be a dick but thats just FUCKING RIDICULOUS... i dont know how else to put it mildly... this all kind of seems like you are trolling me to be honest

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    Steroids do not burn fat... Diet and cardio does.

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    Steroids is the last thing you should consider taking. Sleep, diet, training are the most important- specifically in that order.

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    i'm quite aware they dont burn fat but the do speed recovery and boost endurance. i'm a very big boy. played pro ball and i'm very versed in the use of steroids. your not talking to some chubby fat kid and i'm probably closer to 25%. So back to my original question, i'm pinning the shit no matter what. i am just asking if anything there need upped or lowered?? I respect your opinion truly do. keep in mind i'm a power lifter not a body builder and don't claim to be a body builder. keep in mind i've done 25 cycles in my live maybe more but always bulk cycles and i was paid to move people out of the way for 12 seasons.

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    not trolling and respect your opinion. ok so my back ground, i played pro ball 12 seasons. im a very big very strong guy. not the chubby fat kid i think you believe i am. no im not a body builder im very much more a power lifter. i was paid to move people out the way so throughout my life and probably 25 cycles all i've done was build mass. i'm pretty sure i know what i'm doing. i'm trying to not loose strength as im cutting down. so back to original question what would you change in that stack? i'm 6'2 and played at 285 but my knees are telling my body it needs to be at 220 nowadays.

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    Brother I’m going to be honest with you. You need to make it to at least 15% natural, get that diet and training in check first

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    If you played "professional ball", wouldn't you have hired a nutrition specialist or any type of diet guy during your playing days? Seems like you need a lot of help with your diet.

    You should re-organize your priorities also. You stated "not trying to loose strength while cutting down"....what do you care more about, strength or longevity? You're 55 for crying out loud...stop worrying about strength and worry about your health for god's sake

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    Your goals are achievable without steroids. They would probably actually hinder your goals. GW however would be a good addition and definitely be very helpful.

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    i appreciate you giving the info and i also see what you have done in your past and thats much needed info to help you, so i appreciate that but in no way, shape or form are you in any condition to use steroids NOW... your past is great, truly, but that doesnt change your condition now and has no bearing on what you are doing right now... im sorry but like i said, even if you paid me, i could never advise you steroid use... that would go completely against what i represent and that is doing things in the safest manner possible, not to mention, i just know its terribly unwise to even think about it

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