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Thread: 1st SARMs Experience

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    1st SARMs Experience

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking to do my 1st SARMs stack and would like to know what you think. How well do LGD-4033, RAD-140, and MK-677 stack.
    Not looking to make massive gains, but would like some help getting over a plateau. Never used anything stronger than prohormones in the past.

    Much Appreciated!

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    Please be more specific on your goals

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanGemelli View Post
    Please be more specific on your goals
    Sorry Dylan. I'm currently 44 years old, 5' 10", 180lbs, with <10% bf. Have not trained in a while because of a shoulder injury (motorcycle accident) which required 4 surgeries to correct. I eat cleanly (50% protein, 30% carbs, 20% fat) with lots of chicken, almonds, broccoli, rice etc. and use Naked Whey, Naked Casein, and Naked Creatine currently to supplement. Plus I won the genetic lottery because I have the ACTN3 gene variant type CC/RR.

    Would like to gain some strength and mass to get back on track to where I was before my injury. When I was training on prohormones, I saw great gains in bench press (1RM went from 235 to 295 in only 6 weeks) so something along those lines would be acceptable. Size gains, at least for me, follow strength increases and are the most pronounced when sticking in the 6-8 rep range to failure. If a full stack is premature, which 1 or 2 SARMs would you recommend for an 8-12 week cycle given this additional info?

    I know you're busy, but I appreciate the advice!

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    heres what i recommend.. you can get everything at

    1-12 rad140 (TESTOLONE) 10-20 mg day dosed once a day in the a.m.
    1-12 lgd-4033 (ANABOLICUM) 10 mg per day dosed once a day in the a.m.
    1-12 S4 (ANDARINE) 50 mg day... split doses... 25 mg in the a.m. and 25 mg 4-6 hours later
    1-12 M1 MK by Banned Nutrition

    Mini Pct 13-16

    M! MK by Banned Nutrition
    Cardazol by Banned Nutrition
    GW-501516 20 mg day

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    For your goals Dylan has you set up with everything you need. Esarms has the highest quality you'll find to give you the results you are after

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    Thanks Guys!
    Really appreciate all of the help!

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    no problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bishop View Post
    Thanks Guys!
    Really appreciate all of the help!
    Anytime bro

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