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Thread: 1st day, wrong compound, advice?

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    1st day, wrong compound, advice?

    28 male, 6'1 250, roughly 30% bf (gained 60lbs of bad weight in the last year after having gotten pretty lean).

    Anyways- wanted to do osta, cardarine, andarine. Ordered from a good site. Accidentally must have ordered mk677 instead of osta.

    Decided to change to mk677 instead of osta since I need to gain lean mass and cut a lot of weight too.

    Any probs with this?

    Mk677 25mg 2 doses, 11am and 6pm
    Gw 20mg 1 dose 11am
    S4 50mg 2 doses 11am and 6pm.

    I sleep around 8-9pm. Wake up around 6am.

    Took everything today, mk677 made me tired af, which is why I'll be splitting dose and taking half before bed.

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    take mk677 before bed, not during the day

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    Dylan3has you covered, looks good otherwise

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanGemelli View Post
    take mk677 before bed, not during the day
    I agree. You are looking to cut fat so do not risk being super hungry all day.
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    Yup mk677 is great but same if I take in the am I?m tired and hungry not good for weight loss

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    Thank you all for the advice.

    Also kind of unexpected- about 15m after dosing this morning I broke out in a crazy sweat for a good 10mins (metabolism ramping up)? Will this happen every time more or less?

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    Where did you gets sarms from (a good site) doesn?t mean shit

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    yeah man, where did you get your sarms from... things just dont sound right

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    Proven peptides. Couldn't find anything but positive reviews on these guys and I know they have been around a long time

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    Oh nooooo!
    Not those guys. I wouldn?t take that stuff.
    I am running mk677 from Sarms for sale and no weirdness after taking it.

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