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Thread: 1st Cycle Advice

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    1st Cycle Advice

    37 yrs, working out for past 2 years (1.5 years with proper diet).
    Height 168 cm, weight 67 kgs, bf 15%.

    Started working out for 1st time when I was 35 yrs. Was skinny fat...(more skinny).

    From Jan 2016 bulked from 62 kg to 68 kg till June 2016. Then did my first cut June 2016 to oct 2016. Got down from 68kg to 59.5 kg with approx 10% bf. Photo attached.


    Now again bulking since november 2016 and have got to 67 kgs at 14 to 15% bf. Planning to cut again after couple of months.

    Question. Should I go for a Test E only cycle? Does my age and workout experience justify going on a cycle? I had done blood work 8-9 months back and at that time my Total Testosterone was 382 ng/dl. Somewhere I feel that low test combined with my age is slowing my progress.

    The cycle would be standard one suggested by dylan gemelli in his videos

    Test E - 300 mg / week (week 1 - 12)
    Aromasin 12.5 every other day till week 18
    HCG 1000IU / week (weeks 11-14)

    PCT (week 15-18)
    aromasin - 12.5 every other day
    clomid 40/40/20/20
    nolva 40/20/20/20

    Is there anything that i am missing ?

    Edit: This will be the only cycle that I plan to do. I am not a BB competitor and don't do BB for living. Just want a decent physique and want to use external help to get initial gains which I can preserve later with continued training and diet.
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    Nice progress Ams and welcome.
    I don't see any issues with the cycle you laid out. Great starting dose. AI looks good. Not a bad protocol for HCG either. Pct works as well. Or you could add gw in pct to help transition.
    One note on it being your only cycle. Don't make promises oh can't keep lol. We are addicted to the gym, and to the gains. One cycle doesn't exist for 99.99999% of people using gear.

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    Good luck on doing one cycle.

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    You've made good progress. I've not done nor plan to run gear. With that said, why not run a sarms cycle or two and see how your body/test levels respond? Then decide if you want to run a steroid cycle. Its a marathon not a print.

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    everything else looks good but bro, saying you will only do one cycle is a complete joke and i hope you wake up to reality on that... plus your test being so low, you should just plan on being on trt if you run a cycle, even with a proper pct... you could also look at starting with sarms as opposed to steroids man...

    if you are not familiar with sarms, start with my articles here…

    let me know and im happy to help you set up a sarms stack….

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    Sarms is what I initially wanted to go on, but frankly I cannot afford the cost. Especially considering the fact that when shipped to India it will attract minimum of 90% custom duties.
    I saw few sarms stacks priced at around 500$ .. which for me is approx Rs. 38000 + custom duties .

    For the test E cycle i can get most of the compounds from local pharmacy shops and is bit cheaper alternative.

    However, looking at some comments, I will try to build what ever I can using natural ways for another year and a half or so, because it looks like, once on cycle, you will always be on an off on it.

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    Your pct is also off a bit. This is what it should be

    Clomid 50/50/25/25
    Nolva 40/20/20/20
    Aromasin 12.5mg EOD
    MK-2866 25mg ED
    GW 20mg ED

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