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Thread: 12wk Log - RAD/GW/S4/Osta/SR

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    12wk Log - RAD/GW/S4/Osta/SR

    Today marks my 3rd week on my 12wk cycle with Rad/GW/S4/Osta/SR. Going to log my progress below. Note, I started flat from not working out and being completely sedentary for at a desk job for a while. I havent worked out or performed any fitness for several years. I began exercising a week before my SARMs arrived. Prior to this, my diet was very carb-heavy involving tons of pizza and ice cream. I also probably incurred metabolic damage from various uses of Adderall over quite a period of time. When I started with SARMs, I stopped all of it cold turkey (very slight dose of Adderall in morning, literally less than a 1/4th of my previous dosage). I didn't have any withdrawals at all and my energy levels soared when I started cardio and being active.

    I also didn't get much sleep and had a pretty unhealthy lifestyle. My motivation was the fact that I'm going to an adult resort with my wife in July and, well, that's what it took to for me to take drastic steps and attempt a recomp. That's how I found SARMs.

    • Build muscle mass while cutting up significantly.

    • Chest - Twice/week
    • Legs - Twice/week
    • Back - Twice/week
    • Shoulders - Once/week
    • Arms - Once/week
    • Abs - Once/week
    • Cardio - 4 times week/30-45 minutes interval

    • Consuming roughly 1300 calories a day with a maintenance estimate of 2,100 calories considering intense workout 5/days week.
    • 70% of calories from Protein with primary sources from whey, casein, egg whites, and soy. I consume about 4 shakes a day, I don't eat meat and that's just how I'm getting down.
    • Consuming 1.5/2x body weight in protein daily.
    • Carb is very limited to oats, brown rice, and beans.
    • Fats from walnuts, almonds, and oils such as olive oil. Low daily intake unless from non-fat cheese or greek yogurt.

    • Hydroxycut
    • Cayenne
    • Acetyl L-Cartinine
    • Green Tea Extract
    • 1g Vitamin C
    • D3
    • BCAAs
    • Flaxseed Oil
    • L-Arginine
    • Arginine AKG
    • CLA
    • Centrum Multivitamin
    • B12
    • Super B Complex
    • 1.5g Creatine HCl

    Baseline Measurements - 4/3/16
    • Weight: 149lbs
    • Body Fat: ~23.5%
    • Chest: 38in
    • Neck: 15in
    • Arms (Flexed): 13in
    • Hips: 37.5in
    • Waist: 35.5in
    • Thighs: 21in
    • Calves: 14in
    • Forearms: 11in

    Baseline Photos - 4/3/16
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Week 1 Measurements - 4/11/16
    • Weight: 156.5lbs +7.5lbs
    • Body Fat: ~22.5% -1.0%
    • Chest: 39in +1.0in
    • Neck: 15.5in +0.5in
    • Arms (Flexed): 13.75in +0.75in
    • Hips: 37.5in
    • Waist: 33.5in -2.0in
    • Thighs: 23in +2.0in
    • Calves: 14.5 +0.5in

    Week 1 Photos - 4/11/16

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    Week 3 Measurements - 4/24/16
    • Weight: 162.5lbs +6.0lbs
    • Body Fat: ~20.7% -1.8%
    • Chest: 42.125in +3.125in
    • Neck: 15.75in +0.25in
    • Arms (Flexed): 14.50in +0.75in
    • Hips: 37.75in +0.25in
    • Waist: 33.0in -0.5in
    • Thighs: 23in
    • Calves: 15.0 +0.5in

    Week 3 Photos - 4/24/16

    There is a much visible difference between this back photo and my baseline photo. I've gained 13lbs in 3 weeks while losing fat and it's neat to see how the weight is distributed. My scale is telling me 20.7% fat and my body calipers are around the same. Does this look around that?
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    Based on the graphs of my weight/BMI/Fat Mass from my Withings Smart Analyzer, there is a sharp trend of my body weight/BMI increasing when I began while my fat mass and slightly began decreasing.

    No side effects
    Feel wonderful
    Resisting urge to want to start increasing my dosages
    Muscles feel very hard
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    I feel like I need to work harder in the gym and maximize myself more to get bigger gains. I'm noticing that I need to keep pushing myself to use the heaviest weight I can use in order to properly perform my 8-10 reps in my sets. If I keep working harder, I'll keep my gains going.

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    In literally a week, my body shape started changing and since then, every time i work out there I end up with physically visible gains that seem to stick.

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    Good Shit bro!

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    Thanks, I look over these measurements and I feel like they are a report card on how well I "studied" in the gym. I think back and its like on some tests, I studied hard and did well and others, I know I could have done better. I'm seriously going to kick it up a notch. Anytime I don't feel sore somewhere, I feel like I'm wasting my time and my cycle until I'm constantly in a state of being sore where I know I'm growing.

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    Wow, incredible progress so far brother! And thank you for the nice detailed updates and pics. We really appreciate that. You are doing great. Keep it up!

    (PM me for a price list for Biotech Labs and 10% discount)

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    You gained 6 pounds in 3 weeks on a cut...WOW!! keep up the work

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