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Thread: 12 Days of Christmas Sale!!!!! DO NOT MISS OUT!

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    12 Days of Christmas Sale!!!!! DO NOT MISS OUT!

    Here at Sarms 4 Sale, we are very festive and LOVE us some Christmas! SO, keeping that in mind and because we have such a deep appreciation for everyone of you out there, we are going to be doing a HUGE 12 days of Christmas Sale! Make sure you are checking back daily for the new sale for the day! These are ONE DAY sales each day only so you DO NOT want to miss out on any of these amazing deals. The first sale will begin at midnight tonight!

    For Day 1, we are offering 30% off ANY order! No code will be needed.. 30% off everything!! REMEMBER these are limited time 24 hour sales so DO NOT miss out!

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    SARMS4Sale always good with these sales.

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    sarms make a great stocking stuffer. I am giving away a bunch of sarms to people, what a nice thing to do !

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    Awesome deals right now at

    Don't miss out

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    this is unreal that you are going to be doing this for 12 straight days... sale after sale... i cant wait to see what comes each day!

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    30% is a huge discount on SARMs guys. I would be jumping on this Christmas sale right away. Get yourself some gifts!
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    Goddamn it lol, as if I didn't need some things for my next cycle you hit me in the feels with this incredible deal 😎 about 2 go next level with some yk11 so great time 2 get a bottle or 2

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    this is HUGE! thank you!

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    Really cool idea... Way to get into the Xmas spirit especially with all of that's going on this year.

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