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Thread: 1 donut a day bad?

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    1 donut a day bad?

    If I have 1 donut a day with my coffee is that going to hurt gains?
    On tren test and eq. Of course the rest of my meals are clean ..

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    You're dead ass serious aren't you?
    Depends on what you look like to begin with. A donut everyday isn't the best decision in the first place. I eat donuts... like a donut every 3 to 6 months when I just crave something sweet and fat. No a donut wont hurt your gains... your daily dietary choices will. You can't truly wanna be jacked and want a donut every day w/ coffee. Just doesn't go hand in hand bro.

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    It won't hurt your gains, it'll hurt your bf

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    Well it sure as hell isn't going to do anything positive for you. Main thing is making sure your macros are right at the end of the day, but I wouldn't be wasting my calories on donuts. They are very calorie dense loaded with fats and carbs so tjat takes away from other fats and carbs you could be eating the rest of the day. One donut can be 500-600 calories itself in just fats and carbs

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    Yeah....use tren so you can eat donuts
    Way to go being so committed...pulling out all the stops to reach a goal...inspiring

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    Depends on your body like 44 said. 110 soaking wet? You could probably stand a donut or two 320 at 30% bf probably not a good idea

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    Eat a bran muffin

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    Drops in a bucket my man. If you are okay with eating a donut a day. What else are you doing in your dietary choices?

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    LOLLLLLLLLLLLL really bro? no, its the fuel for abs and muscles.. come on man... with as many people that need help and your doing things like this? how about a pint of ben and jerrys a day while we are at it or how about we just for the gold and have a brownie sundae daily...

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    Early was early march when the superintendent walked up with doughnuts for everyone. I had one. I still remember the taste. Maybe I'll have another around Halloween.

    Nothing good comes from simple carbs covered in sugar. Unless you are immediately about to run a 10k

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