Dear Dylan and all,
I am a newbie to SARMS, but am excited about its potential for wellness (in addition to body building). I am grateful for this terrific forum and any advice you might offer.

1) I seek your advice on the best SARMS stack to aid in my recovery from chronic Achilles tendinosis. After completing several
rounds of PRP and stem cell treatments, it's finally starting to feel better. HOWEVER, due to several years of the injury, I've sustained some atrophy in my
leg (calves) muscles. I need to rebuild these guys to prevent future injury recurrence. After doing some research, I've thought about MK-677. But what else?

2) Do you think that IGF (or pharma HGH) would enhance the recovery if used complementary to the SARMS? If so, which is preferable (IGF or HGH)?

My bio stats: 45 years old, 6'1" 175 pounds, approx. 17% body fat