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Thread: Winny from an approved sponsor

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    Winny from an approved sponsor

    Hey everyone,

    I came across some winny from an approved sponsor on this board. Its dragon pharma brand. The thing is it's white as milk!!! Is that normal for winny? Super paranoid in looking at it..

    It says its in a water based solution.. never saw water that was white..

    What do you think?


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    Far as i know winny is always milky.

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    I haven't seen milky winstol in a long time..but I have used water based winny before and it hurt like hell but was fire!!

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    Winny from an approved sponsor

    Winny is milky white... I’ve only used Winny tabs but my bud has injected Winny in his quads several times and said it’s pretty smooth, no pain... so he says but don’t worry about it being milky white. The times I’ve seen it in person from diff manufacturers, it’s always been like that, from what I have seen.

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    Injectable Winny is just a water based injectable oral that's why it's milky white. Has to be injected every day.

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