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Thread: We have a new rep! Rickrock...... IWGF/Axio/EU/Peak

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    We have a new rep! Rickrock...... IWGF/Axio/EU/Peak

    We'd like to welcome our newest rep to the team. As of today Rickrock will be joining us. Rick has been on the board since day one and is one of the most respected members here. He has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to give honest and helpful advice. We feel lucky to have him on board. Reach out to him or cbbram for a list or with any questions.

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    Welcome to the team... Excellent choice!

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    I'm honored and excited to be a part of this awesome team! Anybody needing help setting up a cycle, a protocol, or in need of a price list hit me up! I'm always here to help you get the best and most out of your cycle with the best gear!

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    Great news!

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    Thank you guys! Glad to be here!

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    Good choice. nice RR

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoboGainz View Post
    Good choice. nice RR
    Thanks brother. Much appreciated!!

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    Guys, dont hesitate to PM me for questions, advice, or price list. I'm always here to help!

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    Great news and one of my favorite sources too!

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