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Thread: Valhalla is Awesome!

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    Valhalla is Awesome!

    Painlessly placed an order for Test Cyp and recieved the merchandise withing 5 days! Unbelievable delivery time! The product itself also seems to be great quality. No complaints from me!

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    Yeah, post up some pics I wanna drool, and dream.

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    So you guys are back accepting orders??

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY View Post
    Send an email bud

    V CEO
    I did, two of them.2days apart. Sent PM to MissNy to find out if email was received. No reply to any inquiry. Catch you guys next time maybe...................................
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    Quote Originally Posted by NY View Post
    Like we said we have hundreds and are catching up. Only accepting secure emails,, etc.

    V CEO
    Is ok. I sent from secure email account to same address I get list from. I figured after more than a week and a half, you guys were just still busy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY View Post
    Tomorrow more will be replied to so will see how far we get

    V CEO
    Good shit..... patiently waiting....sort of lol

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    NY can you PM me your email?

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    That eq450 available?

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    Can you send pricelist?

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    Fucking love Valhalla. Switched from their sustanon to Test Cyp @ 900mg. I couldn't be any happier

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