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Thread: Urgent Help (Aus

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    Exclamation Urgent Help (Aus

    Hey guys, First time posting - so apologise if any mistakes

    Anyway, I’m about 1 week away from finishing a 10 week LGD/MK677 cycle and I’ve just realised that it’s incredibly hard to get your hands on Clomid or Nolva here. I have slight suppression (softer erections and a seemingly smaller amount of ejaculate)

    Does anyone know an alternative? I have some GW that I can run alongside to dull the cortisol effects, but I need something to replace the Nolva/Clom

    Or even better - does anyone know a good source where I can get some?
    Please help a brother out!

    Victoria, Aus
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    Mate I've been a member for about 2 hours, I've already found 2 sources that can reach us (I'm in Tasmania) Read the forum rules, research and don't ask the obvious. A hint, type in the search function "Elite Sarms Australia" I've found out the hard way ($$$) they aren't worth shitting on but there's some good info in that research line that u can use. Good luck brother.

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