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Thread: Too be the man, you got too beat the man, WHOOO!!

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    Too be the man,Whooo!! You got to beat the man! Thanks Cbbram

    And in case you were wondering, Cbbram is the man. Couldn’t ask for a smoother transaction. Ordered all Pinnacle, Test Deca Eq Dbol prami and aromasin. Gonna be my best winter bulk yet.Paid last Thursday and got my order today. Now all I need is to get with Dylan and get some Gw501516 and mk677 along with his on cycle support and I’ll be ready to rock!Thanks bro, you’ll be hearing from me again soon.
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    Cool bro glad to help. Good luck with your cycle!
    Message me on Wickr private messenger for consultations and PED sources.

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    Cbbram is the man for sure. You won't get a more professional rep.

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    Cbbram is as good as it gets

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