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Thread: Thin D comes through yet again!

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    Thin D comes through yet again!

    Order placed Sunday, shipped Tuesday since Monday was a holiday, and it arrived today (Thursday). M.G.P., for the win!


    Huge thanks to Thin D. Arrived in time for my birthday tomorrow, so happy early birthday to me! I'll be celebrating my birthday with a few friends on Saturday, recovering Sunday, and starting my new cycle on Monday. Can't wait!

    Thanks again, Thin D. You're an absolute joy to do business with and I'll definitely be ordering from you again.

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    Nice! Looks familiar!

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    Right? I saw you snagged one as well. Terrific deal that was way too good to pass up!

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    Woohoo! Happy Early B-DAY! May there be a surplus of gainz for many years to come..

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    Weekend special. Glad you in on the deal.

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    Nice man! I look forward to using his oils!

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    Nice... looks good man.

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    Any bloods been done on MGP gear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IND View Post
    Any bloods been done on MGP gear?
    I'm going to run some here pretty soon. Probably in a week or so.
    I'll post them up when I do. I can feel as though they will be good.

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    Happy Birthday to you SwollPotrol

    PM for any questions
    BigB15 for 15% off all orders

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