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Thread: Testing you HGH is there a way?

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    Testing you HGH is there a way?

    Is there a way to test your gear or HGH a place you can send it or a testing kit you can order to see if what your getting is what your getting or the purity or quality?

    Any info in PureRawz much appreciated.

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    Testing if there’s any active HGH in it? Pretty sure you can get a kit for under $100.

    Testing for purity/mg? That’s gna cost you a substantial amount.

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    If your running hgh your probs not to worried bout cost lol unless your running a low dosage.
    I’d be curious to know if you can test for purity though

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    Here's a good way to check your HGH through bloodwork.

    GH Serum

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    Dave Palumbo has a kit on his site. Very similar to a pregnancy test.

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    This stuff looks pretty legit by its packaging but still want it tested. Anyone seen/used this before?

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