Hello brothers,

I just wanted to introduce myself to you all real quick. I have personally been a happy client of PharmaComStore for quiet a while now, and I have had stellar results with a variety of the product lines carried. Now I am thrilled to announce that I will be coming onboard as a member of the PCS team to help answer any questions or sort out any issues you might come across.

I will be working alongside Tazz, who you already know, for the next month to help make sure that your all your PCS transactions go smoothly. Please feel free to message either of us with any concerns or questions you have, and we will make sure that they are addressed quickly and satisfactorily. After the first month Tazz will be on a brief sabbatical for a few months, but I will continue to be here making sure that all your concerns are still being taken care of promptly. Once Tazz returns, we will both still be here for you as always, to assure that you have the best experience possible with PharmaComStore.

PharmaComStore Assistant Rep
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