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Thread: Steroidify Main Thread

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    Steroidify Main Thread

    I am happy to announce our newest sponsor, Steroidify . They come highly recommended and I am sure many of you are familiar with them. It is always great to add another strong source to the fourm, and Steroidify should be a great addition. You can contact Tazz for all for all your Steroidify questions... Please welcome the Steroidify to isarms!

    February 28, 2016
    (Previously known as PharmaComStore)
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    Welcome!! I was actually checking them out on BOP, very professional source nothing but great feedback.

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    I've always wanted to try pharmacom so that's awesome. Is this source domestic or international?

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    Nice I've heard good things but never actually tried them yet

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    Awesome to see another good quality international source here as one of our sponsors

    (PM me for a price list for Biotech Labs and 10% discount)

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    Solid. Always great to have another quality source on board.

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    Welcome Pharmacom!

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    Welcome guys.
    I saw Darius floating around is this direct Pharmacom or is this the basicstero thing?

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    Sweet! I love these products

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    Welcome dude!

    Ask me about Phurious Pharma!
    [email protected]
    Use code 'JS5' for 5% off any order!

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