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Thread: Steroidify Main Thread

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    Welcome! Great to have another great source on board

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    good stuff

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    Awesome gear. Welcome to the board!

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    Great to have you here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenrage View Post
    I've always wanted to try pharmacom so that's awesome. Is this source domestic or international?
    Quote Originally Posted by NY ROBO View Post
    International. Good stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TX TERROR View Post
    Welcome guys.
    I saw Darius floating around is this direct Pharmacom or is this the basicstero thing?

    Thank you guys for the warm welcome.
    I'm a member of the Pharmacom Labs team since its foundation, in 2006.
    Since 2008 I'm in charge with the sales for one of our direct stores, / previously .com/.in/.net

    We're present as members or sponsors on all the major boards and forums and we were probably the most discussed and lab tested manufacturer in 2015.
    There are thousands of reviews about us, blood tests submitted by our customers, labmax tests, chromatography tests made by independent entities etc. Also, after 11 compounds recently analyzed by, Pharmacom Labs has the best overall result from all the tested manufacturers:

    Our transparency as a manufacturer is unprecedented in this industry backed up by huge investments done in the recent years in our facility, equipment, staff, packaging and anti counterfeiting measures
    Videos with our equipment and production line can be seen here ( )

    PharmacomStore can ship for the moment from 2 different places, from an International warehouse or directly from our factory in Asia.
    Our retail prices from PharmacomStore are higher because the first option is a premium delivery service, with a transit time of only 5-6 days to US and a shipping success rate of 100% since 2011. No signature required.

    We can offer considerable discounts for the second shipping option but there is an ETA of 3-4 weeks plus several days preparing the package.

    I'll soon start adding more info to our subforum.

    Thanks a lot for your support.

    Darius Postovski
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    Good stuff man. Good to have you.

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    Welcome, glad your here. Your mix 2 and 3 is some good stuff. I had to stop taking tren because of them.

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    Always a good thing to have quality sponsors here with use. Welcome to the forums..

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    welcome damnit the list gets longer of sources to order from

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    Welcome aboard!

    Pharma Lady Rep

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