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Thread: Shoutout to Robo

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    Shoutout to Robo

    Iíve posted this before but just wanna Say it again. Canít give enough props to robolics. These guys are awesome. I took advantage of the BOGO they were offering. Sent money Monday afternoon and it was here Friday.

    Thanks robo! Please never go out of business. If anyone is new to this forum or is skeptical about trying robo, throw your worries out the window. I have labs from their test e that I will post later.

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    Thank you for the feedback businessman. Our reports of awesome gear and great customer service help other Bros to connect with a reliable source and continue to work towards their physique goals.

    We are just getting started...

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    Like I wrote before and I always will, after using all the sources in here I don't know but my body does change re act positive to Robolics gear!, He is my number one source "with the respect to all wonderful sources in here", just started my NPP, Test prop, Masteron and Proviron I feel so good mentally and physically.

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    Thanks man appreciate it

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    Good to hear the gear is treating you well

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    Good to hear brother

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    Hey buys been a while.. but had to add my two cents ... I owe a lot of my success to the guys over at robo ... what can I say they are very consistent and reliable. Hands down the best domestic source. Love ya guys

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    Never a doubt! He must be very organized and detail oriented because heís never late and everything is on point from product to shipping.

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    Ive also used him several times and never had a problem!!

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    Robo is my go to, outstanding customer service, gear, and lighting fast shipping

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