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Thread: Semen analysis and infertility

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    Semen analysis and infertility

    My levels came back low on morphology, concentration, motility, and motile sperm. Morphology was 2 when it should be 5 or more, concentration was 10.4 when it should be 20 or more, motility was 30.4 when it should be 40 or more, and motile sperm was 7.9 when it should be 20 or more. I’m going to stop taking test today. Any advice on what to take and when to get my numbers up to get my wife pregnant?

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    Got my wife pregnant on cycle. But pretty sure HCG would help you out.

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    Good for you dude and I have heard other guys say that but “on cycle” is not the same for everyone. HCG didn’t do the trick by itself. Has anyone tried HMG? Does anyone know how much to take and how long to take it? What about mobility? Has anyone heard of proviron helping? What I would really like to know is if I buy all this stuff and take it all, do I have to come off test for them to be effective? Or can I take 250mg test per week while taking the HCG, HMG, and proviron?

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