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Thread: Sarmsx and provenpeptiedes order

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    Sarmsx and provenpeptiedes order

    I purchased 3 sarms from the new sarmsx about 2 weeks ago before reading the post on here. I received that order in Sarmsx bottles. I had an issues with a damaged bottle during shipping. I emailed sarmsx 3 times before they finally replied. They replaced my order but when I received it they were Proven peptide bottles, and also had proven peptide brochure inside. I’ve had good experience with proven peptides sarms in the last. I just think it’s extremely odd to order from one company and receive another company’s product. Has anyone had this happen or have any insight as to why?

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    They probably forgot to take the label off when reselling it.

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    Only order SARMS from bro,

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    That is some extremely shady shit to say the least. That brings in the thought it may be a scam by proven peptides

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    That’s very weird.

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