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Thread: Roids24 cycle

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    Roids24 cycle

    Roids 24 cycle log ~ 1500mg Test E, 50mg injectable Anadrol, 750mg Deca.

    10 week cycle

    On week 5, Noticeable strength, fullness and pumps are great, weight is good this far 225, diet is still clean, eating 5 meals a day (plus intra amnio Gatorade blend) 2 beef, 3 chcicken meals, 1 cup of rice with all but the last one (2 tbs peanut butter meal) Just to keep you guys up dated, this is going great! Minimal bf% going up keeping it clean, pumps and strength is amazing. Can't wait to finish out this last 5 weeks strong!

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    Why only 10 weeks? Is that all the sponser gave you enough for? With deca i woulda went longer since its a longer ester. Even test e 10 wks is cutting it short. Just my opinion....

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    Yessir a quick 10 week cycle to see what I can put on is what they gave to log and thats what I'm going to do

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