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Thread: is roids mall fake or a scam?

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    Just start your own thread and make a proper intro with you stats, goals experience, etc and any questions you have

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    Hi guys I’m new and I probably won’t be very active. I’ll only post when I find a new source. I’m not afraid to spend money to try out new sources. I’ve put in 3 separate orders with and I have received my order every time. They are not good communicators. Shipping is expensive and can take a few weeks or even up to a month but the product has always came. I went with all Balkan stuff: dbol, test c and tren e. I was very happy. Other orders were for sustanon and other stuff. Anyway I know I’m new and I hope I’m not speaking out of place but I’ve looked long and hard and have lost lots of money to finally find some good sources, and I have to say roidsmall is one of them. Hope it helps, and marry Christmas.

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    Rounds mall

    No this place is not a scam I’ve ordered test Dbol and deca and I’m in the 50 states and had no problem with the delivery

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    Been emailing them for several months always get a response. Going to try a order with them this month.due to cant find anthor place that has a low min on orders

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    Ordered from them three times before...never an issue. This last time....a total disaster. First I purchased domestic in the hopes that I would get the order such luck. Then when I received it they only sent 1 bottle of Test C.. 2 bottles of Tren A were missing. I contacted them about it. At first I was told that it was all shipped if I was a liar. Then they apologized and said another shipment would be made. Guess What? .... No Shipment No Tren....out $200. What a bunch of scammers and thieves. I often raved about them to friends. What a dope I was. Stay far away. They may be good for awhile...but eventually they will get you.

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    Thanks for letting us know, and sorry you had to find that out that way. If it's any consolation, the approved sources here are all trustworthy.

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