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Thread: Robolics Tren sale extended!

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    Robolics Tren sale extended!

    We know with these holidays that the wallet can seem a bit loose and before you know it, you're in the hole. Especially with Black Friday. I know I went overboard lol.
    Well Robo decided to extend the Tren sale to December 31! An extra month to recover and hit this sale.
    If you've tried Robo Tren then you know it's the truth. There is nothing on the market like it.

    Pm me for Robolics GAINS!
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    I was taking a high dose tren on my first run because I just wasn't feeling it. Switched to Robo and had to back it to over half the dose!

    Pm me for Robolics GAINS!

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    Nice... very generous extension.

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    This is great news for anybody wanting some really good Tren.

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    Heard nothing but good stuff about Robo and his products... definite bump.

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    Definitely on the home stretch for this sale.

    Pm me for Robolics GAINS!

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