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Thread: Robo Test E Blood Test Results

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    Robo Test E Blood Test Results

    Good morning all. I have been using robo for a few years now and love their products. My friend saw my results and wanted to try for himself. Unfortunately he's not as good with technology as he is lifting, so i will post for him. These are his results on 500 test e.Test Results.jpg

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    Awesome number! How are his gains?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddhabuilder View Post
    Awesome number! How are his gains?
    He is already pretty large to begin with. He is currently taking the test and 300mg robo deca. He is preparing for his first show in the fall. I want to say he's like 5'9" - 5'10" and around 230lbs.

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    Cant go wrong with Robo. Great numbers!

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    Hell yea man, good looking numbers

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    robo has great gear, they are awesome

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    You can't argue with great results. And the numbers only help back up the results. I've have nothing but success using them. So much so that now my friends have me order for them also.

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    Contact me for price list and contact information...

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    Awesome numbers. I'll be on there test and deca as well. Can't wait!

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    yep you can hit me up as well if you need their email

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